am-95: 七下七下

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paulymh said...

discovery 的myth buster做過,好像只要紙夠大,摺到15次也行(大到夠放飛機的地步)

Anonymous said...

the hosts of Mythbusters ended up with a eleven-time-fold :)

The television series MythBusters "busted the myth" of the 7 fold limit by folding taped-together sheets in half and turning 90 degrees each time, for a total of 11 folds. The first eight folds were completed by hand, while the rest were completed using both steam rollers and fork lifts. This was accomplished using 17 large rolls of paper taped together to form a very large yet relatively thin "sheet."quoted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_folding

Kongkee said...


Anonymous said...

yeah they are great!

fyi, this is part of video stream on how they got the myth busted

the full episode shown on TV also included how they prepared the football-stadium-size paper. worth to watch! :)

Anonymous said...


Donald said...

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