DEPARTURE — Original Artwork Exhibition

31 Mar – 15 Apr 2018

About Kong Kee Animation director and comics artist, Kongkee works in multiple media: comics, installation, new media, etc. His creative vision is manifested in his recent animation projects. In 2015, in collaboration with bripop group BLUR, Kongkee created comic book “Travel to Hong Kong with Blur” for the group’s album The Magic Whip, which became a big hit in the scene. Comics Detournements: La littérature de Hong Kong en bande dessinée (co. Chihoi) also won wide acclaim in the international literary arts circle. In 2018, through social media platforms such as Kickstarter, Kongkee successfully launched a feature-length animation project Dragon’s Delusion. Original comic and co-directed animation short “Departure” received the Japan TBS channel “DigiCon6 Asia Gold Mention” in 2017. Kongkee is also invited to the jury for the International Competition at the International Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart, 2019.