Moon In The River

Exhibition Period:20 June – 23 August
Venue: Eaton Hotel Hong Kong

Greek philosopher Heraclitus had a famous analogy about life: "You cannot step twice into the same river". Time cannot travel backward, everything is always in a state of becoming. The only certainty is change, as such each moment is unique. During the process of making animation, with the help of software and tools, characters can flow fluidly back and forth in time, as though existing beyond time itself. Travelling between dimensions, pasts and futures and grabbing hold of the most precious moments; however, the ending has always already been drawn out for the animation characters. In “reality” we are unable to see the future and there is no way of reading the script of our lives. We are part of the current of time. There is a feeling that our destiny, unfinished, is still to be written.

Is this true? Are our destinies still to be written out? Or do we live in this illusion?


#I Can't Find Myself, Most Of The Time


#You Can Never Step In The Same Street Twice



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